Meaning the “Land of Kings,” Rajasthan is a hotbed of unique Pratham activities, and a very active program.

Here is some of what the Aser report found in Rajasthan.
  • 35.7% of grade three students can read a grade one level text
  • 34% of grade three students cannot recognize numbers 1-10.
  • 32.8 of grade five students cannot do basic division.
Working with communities, governments, parents and children we provide a robust Read India campaign and an assortment of other programs: 

Read India

In over 3,300 schools, Pratham has signed a three year MoU with the Government of Rajasthan to support the cost of teacher learning materials and trainings for 2,500 teachers using Pratham’s CAMal methodology. 

Education for Education (EFE)

The EFE program has been implemented in 11 blocks in India, and has covered over 1800 volunteers in Rajasthan. EFE is a program designed to strengthen Read India by offering courses to volunteers in exchange for her contributions to the program. In the current phase of EFE, computer courses are available, while spoken English will be offered in the future.

Urban Learning Centers

Pratham is running 9 urban learning centers in Jaipur and Bikaner. Urban programs in Rajasthan have been particularly successful at targeting young men and women from local communities.

Other Local Programs

The Science Project has been initiated to inculcate a scientific curiosity among children, parents, villagers and teachers through fun based activities. Under the Science Project, 22 school and community based Science Clubs have been formed. The team has also organized 22 Science Fairs and more than 420 volunteers have demonstrated science activities to 4,848 students, 248 parents and 182 Government school teachers.
The Mother Literacy Project (MLP) is a randomized evaluation conducted by JPAL (poverty labs @ MIT) on the effects of educating mothers and providing them activities designed to improve mother-child interactions. MLP is to be implemented in 240 villages. Under the pilot, 922 mothers have been enrolled in literacy classes and other activities geared towards improving the home learning environment.