Pratham’s innovative, adaptive preschool program.

Our solution to a persistent need in urban areas

Pratham Balwadis provide India’s 3-5 year-olds with a place and program for learning. In the cities, children from low-income families often don’t have access to an anganwadi center run by the government or any other pre-school facility run by the private sector or an NGO.

Unrestricted by rent and red tape, balwadis and students, flourish.

Balwadis bring preschool to children and families who need it most. They’re run in the community itself—in a temple, under the tree, or in the home of the instructor. So there’s no rent expense and the location is always convenient for kids. The teachers come from the same community as the children. Pratham provides training in early childhood care and education, provides learning material, and monitors the progress of the balwadi on a regular basis.

Kids gather and spend time in productive activities in Pratham’s balwadis.

Every day, approximately 20-25 children come together in the class for about 3-4 hours and learn to engage with numbers, shapes, colors, stories, poems and songs. The balwadi classes help build the social, emotional, motor and cognitive skills of the children which can help them adjust to the school environment later on.

We’re helping kids at the critical first stage of learning.

Many parents in India are illiterate and unable to help their children in early childhood education. Without that help, it only gets harder for kids to become literate as they get older. Our balwadis break that cycle by helping to ensure kids learn the fundamentals at the very beginning.

Balwadis create a lot of impact using very little money. Make a big difference. Donate now.