What education really looks like in India

Dr. Madhav Chavan and Dr. Rukmini Banerji explain what public education really means in India. In...
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Houston Gala 2013

Pratham Houston set a new record high when USD 1.12 million was raised at its sold out fundraiser...
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PBS NewsHour report on Pratham

On May 14,  2013, PBS NewsHour featured Pratham as part of its Agents for Change ...
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Pratham and the MIT Media Lab Launch the Pratham Scratch Pilot Program

Pratham has launched a pilot program to develop logical thinking competencies and increase...
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Pratham was Represented at the Reliance Marathon in Ahmedabad

The Pratham team in Ahmedabad participated in the Reliance Sabarmati Marathon 2013 held on a...
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A Visit to a PACE Vocational Training Center in Aurangabad

 (Excerpted from India's Economic Future - Gujarat a South Korea & Maharashtra a...
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High School Student Visits an Urban Learning Center

by Alisha Trivedi, a high school student who participated in Pratham USA's 2012 Summer...
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Pratham USA Awarded the Times of India Social Impact Award

Utilizing philanthropy to positively impact the children of India is cited as the reason Pratham...
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NRI Initiative Raises Millions for Educating India’s Children

 Featured in the Times of IndiaA group of Indian-Americans in New York attended an unusual...
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The 2012 ASER Infographic

 Are children in rural India going to school? Can these children read? Or do maths? These...
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