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2013 Pratham and ASER Internships
Pratham, the largest education nonprofit in India, is looking for outstanding interns interested in a career in international development, education, or the nonprofit sector. Each year Pratham and ASER offer a limited number of internships for undergraduate students, graduate students, and professionals. Specific state-wide placements for internships depend on requests from field offices. In the past, opportunities have been available in Delhi, Mumbai, Hyderabad, Bangalore, Gujarat, and Rajasthan.

Testimonials from Past Interns

“Crouching in the drain areas of the slums of the city, kneeling carefully on muddy floors that served as desks and benches… I grew perspective. Pratham [gave me] the chance to reach in and decide what needed to be done, to initiate the project, to create and implement my own tools, to get in the field, and to compile and analyze my findings in a report that will be delivered to the government in order to create a lasting impact.”
- Divya Vishwanath, Pratham/Akshara Foundation summer intern in Bangalore

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“What makes ASER such a unique experience [is that] typically NGOs tend to focus on either policy/research or hands-on volunteer work… In ASER, by directly participating in both of these aspects, interns are able to absorb the process of development work in its full complexity.”
- Shinjini Chatterjee, Pratham/ASER summer intern in Delhi

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“My internship helped develop my ability to adapt and thrive in a foreign workplace while simultaneously navigating a foreign culture…  I was also given the opportunity to prepare my own individual presentation summarizing data and research findings dealing with the state of younger childhood education (ages 3-6).”
- Matt Kelsey, ASER intern in Delhi